Bach & Brel


Jacques Brel and Johann Sebastian Bach. Both maestro, each in their own music style, are united in a unique dance performance with fantastic video animations. A live performance by the ensemble Les Femmes de Nicolas (vocals, ud, violin, cello, piano and double bass).
After a long-standing relationship, a love couple tries to regain the passion of the first amorousness, each in their own way, with in the background the merciless sound of the clock that keeps ticking slowly until it finally stops.
Dance style: contemporary with a mix of dance theatre, humour and powerful physical movements

Performances 2019: December 13,14 & 15

Direction and concept: Michael Lazic
Choreography and dance : Michael Lazic, Elles Grzybek, Veronique Lievin
Video animation: Gitte Le Bruyn
Composition arrangements : Peter Verhelst (adaptations by Bach and Brel)
Live music: Kimberley D'Hondt – vocals  + Peter Verhelst ensemble
Light: Bart Van Dessel
Scenography: Michael Lazic