This is the end

dace performance
This the end

duration: 60min
stylel: contemporary mix of dance&theater
location: Zuiderpershuis, Waalse Kaai 14 - 2000 Antwerpen --> SEE MAPS

The poetical lyrics of Jim Morrison is not known among the big audience but his last spoken word records where produced without the Doors. A big inspiration for Choreographer Michael Lazic, where he mixed his own soundscape compositions with Morrisons poetry and some tracks of The Doors.
A unique Ride the snake experience with 5 powerful contemporary dancers.
How far can you go before you loose yourself completely? Where are you boundaries? How influenceable are we?  Can drugs get you to higher insights or push you over the edge?
Want to see and hear the answers? Come and see this wonderful performance in Antwerp.

Director and concept: Michael Lazic
Assistant: Elles Grzybek

Dance: Elles Grzybek, Ichi Go, Nina Plantefeve, Michael Lazic and one extra male dancer
Text: Jim Morrison
Music: The Doors and compositions of Michael Lazic and Elles Grzybek
Scene: Michael Lazic
Advice scenes: Frank Lombaers

Ticket price: Standaard - 16€, 23j+, 65j+ - 14€ en -16j- 10€