Scream of The Butterfly


"Scream of the Butterfly" is an intimate solo that zooms in on the not-so-pretty experiences of women during the corona lockdown.

Studies show that gender equality was set back 40 years during the pandemic and women were pushed back into old dated gender roles, resulting in an increase in domestic violence and abuse.

"Scream of The Butterfly" is a solitary wordless cry interpreted and danced by choreographer Elles Grzybek to live music by Michael Lazic.  The audience is immersed in a confrontational atmosphere of limitations, powerlessness, being locked up, humiliation. And yet, Grzybek shows how powerful and resilient women can be. In a world where many pleas go unheard, she lets the cry of a butterfly ear overwhelmed reverberate in her haunting solo.



Style: contemporary dance with live music
Idea and concept: Elles Grzybek & Michael Lazic
Choreography and dance: Elles Grzybek, & Michael Lazic
Composition music: Michael Lazic