Dancing a Prayer

Dancing a Prayer is the wordless scream of the butterfly, a prayer danced to soothe things we don’t understand and run the risk to let it slip away.
What we cannot control,  where words are trapped in an endless mantra of endless pleas.

An intimist solo, danced by Elles Grzybek (The 2 Fridas, Bach&Brel,…) on a dreamy soundwall composed by Michael Lazic.


We have chosen a unique location where we can fully immerse the audience in the right atmosphere amidst a magical light design led by the setting sun.

25 NOV - 4 DEC, each Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 20u30
Location: Berkenrijs - Lodewijk Mortelmansstraat 13 - 2610 Wilrijk
Style: contemporary dance with live music
Idea and concept: Elles Grzybek & Michael Lazic
Choreography and dance: Elles Grzybek, en Michael Lazic
Composition music: Michael Lazic
Live music: Michael Lazic
Advice scenery: Frank Lombaers