Performances 2019: December 13,14 at 20u30  & 15 at 15u00
Location: Zuiderpershuis
Dance style: contemporary dance with live music
Choreography: Elles Grzybek, Michael Lazic
Composition music: Peter Verhelst & Grzybek/Lazic
Figuration: 6-8 tango couples



Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon (July 6 1907 – July 13 1954) was a Mexican surrealist painter whose life had a very dramatic course. She was physically marked by child paralysis at the age of 6, which caused a permanent disability, and a major accident at the age of 18. In response to the severe restrictions her body imposed on her, she developed a striking "attitude to life". She has left us 143 paintings that were striking, special witnesses to this attitude. The abundant, bright use of colour contrasts sharply with the alienated character that the work of Frida Kahlo exudes. Just like in her real life where physical suffering and pain are in sharp contrast with her very extroverted, almost theatrical excesses.
We have interpreted her life by two contemporary dancers, and also musically, by two female singers. Two characters opposed to each other. The withdrawn dark sore side flanked by cheerful colours. Overcoming the pain and loneliness by the high poetic mobility of her brushes.
Frida Kahlo probably ended her life and left a farewell note: "I hope the end is happy and hopefully I’ll never return."

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Dance style: contemporary dancetheater with live music
Idea and concept: Elles Grzybek,
Choreography and dance: Elles Grzybek and Michael Lazic in collaboration with Veronique Lievin
Composition music: Peter Verhelst
Composition  soundscapes: Grzybek/Lazic
Music live performance: Peter Verhelst (guitar), Kris Auman (double bass), Laura D’Halleweyn (vocals, percussion) and Diana Pavlidi (vocals)
Production: Michael Lazic
Production assistant:
Evelien De Wilde
Figuration: 6-8 tango couples
Light design and performance: Bart Van Dessel
Advice scenes: Karel Hermans and Frank Lomabers

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