SkIn, the largest organ of out body and the most woke concept we can imagine. It doesn't matter if you are male, female, trans or many others genders. Skin takes us throughout our entire life being judged and marked with everything we do or say.
We are all born with our skin that we carry throughout our lives, in a range of all possible colour variations. The birth of innocence as a metaphor for the unwritten blank page.
But when will the first stain appear? When does innocence fade out and our skin becomes marked with scars? When we loose Kindness, and K loses power and threatens to disappear into the title SkIN, after which SIN makes its first appearance.

Moving artists' Lazic & Grzybek try to link these impressions and subject themselves to a series of trials based on an impressive soundscape in an equally fascinating scenographic landscape.




Performances: 14-15 JUNE at 20u30
Location: Berkenrijs - Lodewijk Mortelmansstraat 13- 2610 Wilrijk
Style: contemporary dancetheater
Idea and concept: Elles Grzybek & Michael Lazic
Moving artists: Elles Grzybek, en Michael Lazic
Composition music:  Lazic & Grzybek