cream of the Butterfly

‘Moving artists’ Michael Lazic(CV) and Elles Grzybek(CV) are the artistic directors of Antwerp-based contemporary dance theatre company cieMESS. Since 2008 they have created various productions such as: a Body in Translation, Staging Reality with visual artist Hans Op de Beeck, Black Swan, Soletude in collaboration with Jef Neve, Bach&Brel, Pi, Dying Swan, Hallelujah, The 2 Fridas and recently The Scream of the Butterfly.
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Scream of the Butterfly or the wordless cry of the butterfly is the silent sigh for redemption.
The woman, interpreted by moving artist Elles Grzybek, entangled in restrictions, muzzled by traditions and rules,
hidden behind shame, waiting for that one redeeming drop that will split the stone in two.
Now more than ever, the position of women in our society is under high pressure and now more than ever, those voices will not be silenced..

Location: Kunstensite Berkenrijs - Lodewijk Mortelmansstraat 13- 2610 Wilrijk
Style: contemporary dance with live music
Idea and concept: Elles Grzybek & Michael Lazic
Choreography and dance: Elles Grzybek and Michael Lazic
Music composition: Michael Lazic
Lighting: Bart Van Dessel(CV)click here technical rider


Short Trailer (1m36)

Mid trailer (12min)

Full (70min)